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Illegal Street Racing Penalties, Laws, And Court Judgements

Source: Evo Street Racers Research Dept.
Release Date: November 24, 2009
Update / Revision: N/A

Without limiting boundaries illegal street racing has invaded every corner of society causing indifference, dismay, and England Street Racingdeath.  Even the most ridiculous tales of illegal street racing accidents no longer surprise people as seen in the picture on the right featuring a sports car stuck in the roof of a house in England as a result of an illegal street racing accident.  It is of no wonder with accidents lining the streets and emergency response units being overtaxed in response to enforcement and clean-up which has resulted in the populace growing intolerable towards the illegal activity. 

At one point in history illegal street racing was viewed as a nuisance similar to that of a child stealing from a cookie jar.  The damage was limited to the cookie jar and it was quickly remedied by a stern warning from the parents...however, this child has grown into young adult, the cookie jar has become the streets of the city, and the parents struggle to enact/monitor safe driving techniques.  In consequence public officials have been petitioned across the globe to take meaningful action to reduce the problem thereby creating a safer environment to drive and live in.

As compared to a half decade ago, the amount of legislation passed enacting new and stricter illegal street racing IMAGE: Manuel Hernandez and crushed carsordinances is nothing short of impressive.  California, USA set the standard in this area as they acted as the model for many other states and countries to follow. Arguably the most controversial law/penalty enacted by California is the seizure and crushing of vehicles found to be illegal street racing.  As a result of California’s “success” in the car crushing tactic within the last year numerous countries have followed suite including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Although laws are an important step in acting as a deterrent and officially establishing society’s position on the illegal act it is NOT enough.  Laws are just one step.  Laws do not address the root cause of the problem rather are a reactive penalty to the act.  Equal if not more focus must be given to the root cause of the problem.  To name a few areas at the root of the problem include lack of and/or unresponsive motorsports infrastructure, ineffective driver’s educational programs, poor parental guidance, and an unengaged business sector. 

Judgments have grown proportionally stricter with the new laws; however, in the views of those directly affected often fallA front loader crushes two modified street racers, seized by York Regional Police under the Civil Remedies Act, during a press conference in Markham, June 15,2006. The destruction of the cars was performed by the Ministry of the Attorney General to demonstrate Ontario's crackdown on illegal street racing. short of fair justice.  The lenient judgments include lose of driving privileges, probation, and fines whereas the strict side can range to a lengthy incarceration.  Amongst the strictest judgments given in 2009 was in Saudi Arabia and California USA. In Saudi Arabia, the defendant Otaibi was sentenced to 3,000 lashes, 20 years in prison, and a lifetime ban on driving as a result of an illegal street race claiming the lives of two people.  In California, Robert Canizalez was sentenced to 48 years to life in prison while his competitor Martin Morones received 45 years to life for taking the lives of 3 people in an illegal street racing accident.

Below you will find a brief list of articles discussing illegal street racing Penalties, Laws, And Court Judgements.

- - - Illegal Street Racing Court Judgements (2009) - - -

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United States Of America Illegal Street Racing Court Judgements:

Florida: Street racer found guilty in 83-year-old woman's death
New Jersey: Jury indicts Rahway man in fatal street-racing crash
California: Charges reduced in Ventura street racing case
Vermont: Deadly driver gets 22 years: Victims’ families wish him lifetime of hell
Massachusetts: Judge upholds racing charge
California: Street Racers Sentenced: 48 Yrs. To Life
Washington: Driver gets 30 days in jail after street racing death: Sentence: 22-year-old guilty of reckless driving
Florida: Man convicted of lesser charge in fatal crash
California: Belmont man faces up to 16 months for street racing collision
Arizona: Man gets 7 years in prison for street racing death
Washington: Drag racers given probation
Idaho: 2 given probation in fatal drag race
California: Two men convicted of murder in El Monte street race
Texas: Teen Gets Probation For Street Racing Crash
.Michigan: Man Charged In Deadly Street Race
Washington: Driver charged in street racing wreck
North Carolina: Camaro driver charged in deadly street race
Montana: Judge sentences man to 5 months in drag race death
Massachusetts: Man Charged With Speeding in Fatal Crash: Witnesses Say Driver Was Street Racing
California: Update: Driver Charged with Manslaughter in ‘Tapout’ Founder’s Death
California: Woman Charged In Fatal Elk Grove Crash
New Jersey: Man gets probation for crash that killed 2

International Illegal Street Racing Court Judgements:

Canada: Street-race killer gets 5 years
Canada: A family finds justice: Driver gets four-year prison sentence for her role in fatal 2005 drag race
Canada: Man found guilty in trucker's high-profile streetracing death
Saudi Arabia: 'Abu Kab' loses appeal after killing three while 'drifting' in a car
New Zealand: Manslaughter admitted over Christchurch street racing death
Canada: Brother pleads guilty in crash that killed two local women
Canada:Man pleads guilty in auto deaths of two women
China: Street-race driver jailed for 3 years over death of pedestrian
England: Boy racers who left woman brain damaged will be free in months after judge is forced to impose
Canada: Second man admits guilt in Ng's death: Parents of dead Mountie satisfied with pair of guilty pleas
Australia: Man jailed for three years over Ferrari street race crash

- - - Illegal Street Racing Penalties & Laws (2009) - - -

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United States Of America Illegal Street Racing Penalties & Laws:

California: Hayward, California, Tightens Up Street Racing Ordinance
Colorado: Illegal Street Racing In Your Neighborhood: Are The Laws Strict Enough?
Connecitcut: Law Would Put Brakes On Street Racing
Florida: Leaders Meet To Discuss Street Racing Bill
Massachusetta: Unsafe at any speed: A century ago, driving laws tamed Boston’s wild streets
Nebraska: Illegal Street Racers Say They Won't Stop, Officials Respond
New York: Legislators Pass DWI Vehicle Forfeiture Law
North Carolina: Judge orders street racers to forfeit cars
Ohio: Proposed Bill Calls For Stiffer Street Racing Penalties
Oklahoma: Illegal Street Racing
Texas: Need for speed, call for safety: Strip offers racers a legal place to drag
Utah: Salt Lake Police crack down on street racing
Vermont: Vermont lawmaker pushes bill to outlaw street racing.

International Illegal Street Racing Penalties & Laws:

Australia: New laws: You hoon, we crush
Australia: Laws make street racing criminal
Canada: Ontario Puts Its Foot Down on Street Racing, Threatens to Crush Street Racing Cars Before...
Canada: Street-race culture on police radar: Alderman hopes Race City extension means safer roads
England: Hastings resident taking county council to High Court over boy racing in Rock-a-Nore
England: Flintshire council to crackdown on street racing in Deeside
India: Illegal street racing back in focus
Lebanon: YASA launches motorcycle safety campaign amid mounting road tragedies
Malaysia: Police Impound The Modified Vehicles Allegedly Used For Street Racing: Book 20 Youths
New Zealand: Patrick Gower Crusher Collins a self-styled toughie
New Zealand: Hamilton boy racers protest car-crushing proposal
South Africa: Who you gonna call?
Thailand: Police Now Conducting Random Vehicle Checks in Pattaya

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