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Where to Drift... Legally

Source: Evo Research Department
Date: February 06, 2012
Revision Date: N/A

There are many forms of illegal street racing that emulate legal motorsports, with the major exception being a safe and controlled atmosphere found on a track versus the dangers of publci roads. The sport of Drifting utilizes a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers the vehicle causing a loss of traction. The key component to drifting is to not allow the vehicle to slide out of control rather pick a line in a turn and slide along it. Problems often occur in illegal street racing when illegal racers attempt to emulate the professional drifters on public streets, lose control of their vehicle, and slide into pedestrians, other vehicles, off the road, into barriers, etc. As the sport of drifting gains a stronger following the locations where an enthusiast can compete increase. Below is a small, yet growing list of where an enthusiast can drift-race their car legally. Interested in adding a location? Please contact us via the online form.


Adams Motorsports Park www.adamsmotorsportspark.com/
Central Florida Racing Complex www.cfracingcomplex.com
Club Loose www.clubloose.com
Drift Indy www.driftindy.com
Drift Nirvana www.driftnirvana.com

Evergreen Drift

Fabricated Motorsports www.fabricatedmotorsports.com
Formula D


Hold The Line www.htldrift.com
Houston 240sx www.houston240sx.com
Just Drift www.justdrift.com
Look Out Drift www.lookoutdrift.com
Mayday Garage www.maydaygarage.com
Midwest Drift Union www.mdudrift.com
Pats Acres Racing Complex www.patsacres.com
Slide NY www.slideny.com
Vegas Drift www.vegasdrift.com/ vegasdrift.com

Legal Drifting

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